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Learn how to make your money work for you, build wealth and design your dream life.

About Us

The Black Wealth Squad was created for black women who are ready to make their money work for them, build wealth, build and maintain credit, invest in stocks, real estate, and design their dream life!  Our main focus in the community is to serve and answer ALL of your specific investing and wealth-building questions.  Whether it's about stocks, how to make more money to invest, personal credit, business credit, money management, real estate, etc we are here to help you and build wealth TOGETHER.

Also, before joining if you have not created your investment account, use our Robinhood link HERE to signup and get your first stock, FREE.

Squad Benefits

  • Full Access to the Black Wealth Squad Community
  • Step-by-Step Investing Resources
  • Money Management Tools & Resources
  • Daily Financial Discussions
  • Passive Income Tips
  • Money to Invest Ideas
  • Quarterly Stock Parties
  • Credit Building Resources
  • Weekly Motivational Content
  • Monthly Q&A via Zoom
  • Answers to your Specific Money Questions
  • Special Members-Only Discounts
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